Still in the Wings by Richard Penna is a long text in which subsequent sections (of about 300 words each) from five different narratives are juxtaposed.

The text is being serialised, a numbered chapter of about 1500 words being published every few days.


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Chapter 159 will be published on Wednesday the 2nd of September 2015



"Angst is the default human condition and when it is not over-ridden or denied, it engenders a state of Meaninglessness which, when indulged, seems to give rise to a strange Euphoria."


Each of the five sections in each chapter, being extracted from a much longer narrative, becomes an ‘image’ divested of all contextual meaning.

Read in sequence, these fragments can create an impression of an arbitrary interdependent significance – despite the fact that they are intrinsically different in subject, tone and style.

The first four extracts can be re-located in their original narrative context by referring to the relevant section in the previous and following chapters. The fifth section is composed of texts of varying length that sometimes span several chapters. (Indicated by ... if it continues, and a full stop when it ends.)


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Length: when completed the text will be approximately 164 chapters.